Troy Harris II is… Home Less

in Dallas!

Heartwarming, practical, and thoughtful life advice from someone eager to share their personal story of triumph and disaster.

Written for anyone struggling somewhere between "I want it" and "I got it", that's willing to learn and laugh a little bit along the way.

Treat this book as fuel to chase big dreams, build strong relationships, and turn setbacks into comebacks.

We got “LIT” on Aug 24th

Join me, and several ATL friends, This summer at the Plaza Theatre, myself, Mailchimp, and other writer friends hit the stage for one night only. I read two chapters from the book, there was food, drinks, free copies and plenty of good times. I posted some pics online 📸

Let me set the table for you…

The Story

This book is largely an account of me trying to make sense of where I was then. Chasing the dream of becoming a writer, the benefits of building an invaluable network, and the thrill of one day owning a business. I was looking for success in all the funky ways it decided to present itself.

Hundreds of miles away and almost ten years later, here are some of the funny little lessons I learned being home less that we could ALL use.

Podcasts, Anyone?

Home Less in Dallas hit the air waves for Season 6 of Justin Adu’s A Dose of Black Joy and Caffeine podcast.

Book Talk Recap!

On June 12th, me and a crew of ATL do-gooders hosted a book reading, signing, live stream, Q&A session. There was music, wine, popcorn, and an entire family of friends having a ball. Plus, we raised money for the Atlanta-are unhoused population in partnership with Hope 4 Humanity. Here’s the recap…

Earning your stripes with nothing to lose…

"I only knew two things: I was uncomfortable and in what seemed like a truly foreign land.

As it turns out, I was just home less in Dallas." - Troy Harris II

About the Author

Troy Harris II is an award-winning copywriter, and short story advocate. Through his dynamic storytelling style, he enjoys giving his readers intriguing, insightful, and hilarious peeks into shared life experiences.

His writings span the genres of Culture, Poetry, Humor, Music, and History, and live in several cool places around the internet, including his digital domain, Grits & Gospel.

This is his 2nd published book (G&G Vol 1: Soul Fuel, 2018), and first as a sole contributor.

The word on the street…

"HID is an example of Troy's special ability to bring light to any situation, regardless of circumstance."

"Home is not just where the heart is, but it is also where you connect with the hearts of others, be it over a meal or over a matter."

“Of the value in chasing a dream and the comfort of a crashed couch. Troy leans on the value of friendship and the necessity of vulnerability while celebrating the elation of little victories in raw authenticity.”

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